Confused About New Jersey Child Support Guidelines?

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Child Support in New Jersey is largely determined in accordance with the NJ Child Support Guidelines provided the parties’ combined net weekly income is $3,600.00 per week or less. The child support award when using the Guidelines is presumptively correct unless one or both parties can prove that the Guidelines are inappropriate. Child support is intended to cover most of the costs associated with the child including housing, transportation, food, clothing, activities and entertainment, and up to $250.00 of unreimbursed medical expenses per year, per child. Child care, cost of medical insurance and predictable and recurring medical expenses over $250.00 are not included in the Guidelines and may be added to the support award.

For Net Incomes Over $3,600/week

In cases where the combined net income is more than $3,600.00 per week, the child support award at $3,600.00 is the minimum basic child support amount, which shall be supplemented by the Court utilizing the factors set forth in NJSA 2A:34-23, which are as follows:

(1) Needs of the child
(2) Standard of living and economic circumstances of each parent
(3) All sources of income and assets of each parent
(4) Earning ability of each parent, including educational background, training, employment skills, work experience, custodial responsibility for children including the cost of providing child care and the length of time and cost of each parent to obtain training or experience for appropriate employment
(5) Need and capacity of the child for education, including higher education
(6) Age and health of the child and each parent
(7) Income, assets and earning ability of the child
(8) Responsibility of the parents for the court-ordered support of others; (9) Reasonable debts and liabilities of each child and parent
(10) Any other factors the court may deem relevant.

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