Municipal Court Law in Princeton, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Municipal Court Law in Princeton, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Trust The Chiacchio Law Firm to Handle Your Traffic Violation Needs

The municipal court is the court that many New Jersey residents will likely to step foot in. It is truly the “People’s Court.” A wide array of cases are heard in the municipal courts throughout New Jersey. The scope of the firm's municipal court practice includes the following:

  • Speeding, Reckless/Careless Driving, and all other summary Traffic Violations

  • Expungement of Records

  • Shoplifting/Property Offenses

  • Disorderly/Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses

The Chiacchio Law Firm's experience and familiarity with local jurisdictions provides them with the tools necessary to craft successful defense strategies. The firm's attorneys are always prepared to zealously represent their clients in order to assist them in avoiding the consequences of a conviction.

Traffic Violations & Driving Privileges

With traffic violations come points and with points come insurance surcharges and the risk of the revocation of driving privileges. The Chiacchio Law Firm works hard for their clients in defending them against the accumulation of points and the consequences that flow from points being assessed against his or her drivers’ license.

The significance of a “DWI” conviction cannot be overstated. The State of New Jersey takes the issue of operating a vehicle while under the influence very seriously and a conviction and subsequent convictions carry very serious consequences, including jail, significant financial penalties, as well as long-term or permanent revocation of ones driving privileges.

For more information that outlines the consequences of DWI, please see here. The New Jersey Division of Highway and Traffic Safety published a brochure that outlines the consequences of DWI, click here to view.

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